How to ensure your dog gets a balanced diet

If you want your dog to be healthy, you have to ensure that he gets a balanced diet that is exclusive to dogs. Here are some tips on what to feed your dog to ensure that he gets a balanced diet.

Pre packed foods – When buying your prepackaged dog food remember to check the labels closely to ensure that they are prepared to the standards of an internationally recognized organization such as the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). To understand if your dog is getting enough nutrition look at his stools. Your dog’s stools should be well formed and not loose. Remember that the food you buy must taste good, therefore start off by buying a small portion to check if your dog takes a liking to it.

Home cooking – If you want to feed your pet raw food, look at feeding your pet different types of meat and vegetables. However, avoid feeding your pet meats with sulfur preservatives, as they can cause thiamine deficiency which can lead to allergies. If you are feeding your dog bones, make sure that the bones are cooked, and that there is meat on the bone to avoid your dog breaking a tooth. Look at including mixed vegetables that will give your dog enough fiber to avoid constipation. When cooking food for your dog, salt is not necessary, and onions, garlic, and stock powders should be avoided.


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