What to consider before investing in a family dog?

Getting a family dog is similar to getting a new family member because pets require a lot of love, care, time and money. Here are some tips to consider before you invest in a furry friend.

Do pick a dog that fits your home – If you have a large garden or are active, consider investing in a sporty breed. However, if you have little space, it is best to look at smaller breeds that will be able to spend time indoors for most of the day.

Don’t buy a shaggy dog if you’re allergic – If you are worried that your kids may have allergies or you are worried about loose hair all over your home, look at a less shaggy breed with very short fur. Consider breeds like bichon frises, standard poodles, or schnauzers as they have less dander and loose hairs.

Pick a mild-mannered puppy – Puppies that are gentle will be best for families with small children. Consider dogs like pugs, boxers, bulldogs, spaniels, terriers, bearded collies, and bichon frises because these breeds are protective and forgiving to little owners.

Don’t choose a herding dog if you’re lazy – Dog breeds that are very smart, obedient and trainable will need a lot of outdoor activity and mental stimulation. Therefore, if you don’t have much time to spend with your dog, it is best to get a breed that is needs less mental stimulation.


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