4 Ways to work out with your dog

Your dog can be a good workout buddy as dogs are always up for doing fun activities with their owners. Here are some enjoyable ways to get your dog moving and help him to maintain a healthy weight.

Running – If you are a runner or want to start, taking your pet with you on your morning run is a good way to get both of you into a routine. Start with a 5-10 minute run and then slowly increase the length of your run. Before and after the run ensure that your dog is hydrated. Remember that smaller breeds will have less energy than larger ones.

Stand-up paddle boarding – Look at taking your dog to a lake that is very calm. The best way to keep balance is to paddle on your knees until your dog gets comfortable. It is best to outfit your dog with a life preserver in case both of you topple into the water.

Kayaking – Place your dog on the top of the kayak and practice getting your dog in and out on land before heading into the water. Make sure you bring treats so that your dog will feel relaxed and rewarded for good behavior.

Cycling – Look at attaching a leash to your cycle to keep your dog safe and by your side. Start cycling at a slow pace and then increase your speed and distance as your dog and you get more practice.

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