Tips for dog proofing your home

If you have decided to bring in a new pet into your home, it is important that your home is safe is pet-friendly. A new puppy can be similar to a baby, and most often safety measures are similar to baby proofing your home. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Kitchens and bathrooms – Your kitchen and bathrooms can be two of the most dangerous rooms in your home. Look at placing items like cleaning supplies, medication, and laundry soaps on high shelves. All food should be placed in your kitchen cupboards as even some vegetables can be harmful to pets. Make sure your trash is securely covered and cannot be opened by your pet. If your pet is clever, you will have to add latches to your cabinets. To prevent your pet drinking the water off your toilet, keep your toilet lid down.

Living room – Some house plants can be poisonous for dogs if eaten, so look at what plants you have in your living room and give plants that are poisonous away or hang them away from your pet. You should also ensure that your air or heating vents have secure covers. Wires from televisions, lamps, and stereos should be fixed on to the wall with clips. Ensure that there is little or no excess wire. Breakable items such as glass vases or lamps should be put away or placed on a shelf where your pet cannot reach. Kids toys like lego, cars and small blocks should be placed away from your pet to avoid choking.


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