The Various Types of Dog Beds for All Types of Breeds

Summary: With so many types of dog beds available in today’s stores, you have a good amount of sorting out to do.

Where do you usually let your dog sleep? Your bed or the family couch seems like a reasonable option but they’re not really ideal. Your dog needs a bed of his own to retreat after a long day of running around and causing mayhem. As a matter of fact, a bed is one of your dog’s basic needs. With so many varieties of dog beds available nowadays, you’ll need to decide which one will provide the best comfort for a solid price.

Regular/Standard Beds

Your average bed will come in the form of a cushion or pillow without any edges or rims. These beds range in all types of shapes, sizes, and materials. Typically, the most common types of shapes are oval, rectangular, and square. The materials come in fleece, denim, microfiber, fleece, and more. You can also purchase some replacement cushions if you want to add a bit more “fluff” to your bed. There are even some beds that come filled with cedar chips that serve as an insect/odor repellent. These types of beds are perfect for all types of dogs, but they might not serve as a solution for dogs that have orthopedic problems.

Donut Beds

Just like the name implies, donut beds have a built-in rim/edge around the bed itself. This edge is essentially a soft bolster that lets your dog curl up and lounge around. You’ll typically find them in an oval or round shape and made of extremely soft materials. Donut beds are soft and cuddly, which makes them a popular option for all types of dogs.

Nest Beds

The rims tend to surround the entire bed or just a small portion of it. Consider these beds as a replica of a sofa or a couch. Furthermore, the raised edge feature makes it ideal for your dog to lean on and also provide a sense of security – similar to that of a nest. Most dogs find these types of bed extremely comfortable due to the fact that they’re surrounded by a miniature wall.

Orthopedic Beds

Orthopedic beds cater to dogs that have arthritis or other orthopedic issues. Crafted from high-quality foam, these beds provide a substantial amount of support for your dog’s body and places less stress on their joints. Additionally, they’re comfortable for any type of dog. Senior dogs, or those that have recently been operated on, will especially benefit from these types of beds. These beds however, lack the customization options that your standard bed has. For instance, say you purchase some foam from The Foam Factory so you can surround the bed with an additional layer for comfort purposes. Most beds will not allow this due to the physical design of the overall structure. On the other hand, these beds need little customization options as they provide everything a senior dog needs to thrive.

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