Things to do before bringing a puppy home

If you have picked the breed of dog and you have to wait for a reliable breeder or an adoption shelter to get back to you, then consider this time an opportunity for you to educate yourself about your future dog. Here are a few areas that you should consider before bringing your new puppy home.

His personality – Each breed comes with their own characteristics, basic care, and training needs. It is best to get a few books to get a broader perspective of your breed. Being well informed will help you and your puppy adjust and train fast.

Classes – You can also attend some classes like Kindergarten Puppy Training (KPT) classes. These classes will help you learn the basics about taking care of your breed. Not having a puppy with you at the class will also help you concentrate more on what is being said by the lecturer. It is also a good idea to take notes during the class to give you an opportunity to review the information once you get home.

Be prepared – Once the breeder or the adoption center lets you know that your puppy is ready for collection, you will have to pick up your puppy and bring him/her home. Therefore, be ready for your puppy by puppy-proofing your home and removing dangerous items from your home.

Responsibilities – Taking care of a puppy is a lot of work, so you will have to have a chat with your entire family, to let them know what each one’s chores will be once the puppy arrives.

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